Taurus G2S Stainless


Consumers in the market for a budget friendly concealed-carry pistol currently have a new choice in the form of the Taurus G2S Stainless. With this enhancement, Taurus Lasers USA supplies a number of choices in its small, striker-fired, polymer-framed handgun lineup, giving customers the selection of carbon-steel or stainless-steel versions in either double-stack or single-stack configurations.

Many attributes are shared in between the Taurus G2S as well as G2C handgun models, with each weapon supplied with similar forward-facing slide serrations, adjustable three-dot sights, structure texturing and striker-fired trigger. With all these elements alike, consumers can pick the handgun dimension that's right for their everyday-carry arrangement without compromising or considering various activities or layouts in their decision.

While the Taurus G2C features a thicker, double-stack layout, the G2S Stainless is furnished with a single-stack publication that includes a magazine capability of six rounds with a flush-fit mag. This suggests that the width of the gun steps in at just 1.1 inches and also the general height is 4.8 inches, offering a sub-compact system that can be quickly hidden under day-to-day apparel. With the lowered capacity contrasted to its double-stack sibling, the Taurus G2S weighs in at just 20.25 ounces when totally packed, offering an easier bring choice that can be conveniently carried all day.

Each Taurus G2S can be had in either 9 mm or.40 S&W, like the double-stack G2S version, as well as the gun is furnished with a single-action style trigger full with restrike capability. Factory versions are equipped with trigger-pull weights ranging from 5-9 pounds, and each gun is furnished with a strong-side manual safety. The general size of the weapon is 6.25 inches as well as barrel length steps 3.25 inches. A Picatinny accessory rail on the framework enables the addition of lights and lasers, and also the gun ships with 2 publications. The recommended market price on the Taurus G2S Stainless is $332.82.

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